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International Natural & Organic Cosmetic Conference 2019

At the end of September 2019, the natural & organic cosmetics industry gathered in Berlin for the 12th edition of the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference, which once again proved to be an industry highlight focusing on current industry topics.

“Authentic and innovative into the future“ was this year´s motto of the conference – during the two conference days, approximately 270 trade professionals from the natural & organic cosmetics industry discussed the implications in light of the changes occurring in the market and the profound upheaval in society.

The figures, however, speak for themselves: customer reach for natural & organic cosmetics has been on the increase for years and more and more consumers have migrated to nature-inspired and natural & organic cosmetics, clearly depicting the dynamics of the cosmetics market, confirmed industry expert Elfriede Dambacher, owner naturkosmetik konzepte, in her presentation at the conference. During the first half year of 2019 alone, natural & organic cosmetics in the German market for natural & organic cosmetics achieved a sales increase of 8 percent. In the DACH-region – with a volume for natural & organic cosmetics of 1,46 billion Euros – natural & organic cosmetics have a market share of 8,3%.* Source: naturkosmetik konzepte

But the previous market environment of the cosmetics industry has been changing radically as well as rapidly. “These changes affect the entire cosmetics market, but they also generate specific challenges for the natural & organic cosmetics industry – these have to be met both authentically and innovatively“, concluded Wolf Lüdge, Program Chairman and managing director of the naturkosmetik verlag, which in cooperation with the VIVANESS hosts the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference.

Keynote Speaker Marta Kwiatkowski Schenk, Senior Researcher and Deputy Head Think Tank at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, focused on the Future of Beauty-Retail. Distinctly in the forefront is the digitalization – due to changing consumer behavior, humans and technology are increasingly merging. Products, applications and treatments are becoming more individual and increasingly personalized, and are tailored to meet individual needs. But also the role of the brand is subject to change: less brand, more impact will be the key factor in the future, according to the expert.

Following the keynote presentation, the future of the natural beauty market was the topic of a discussion with experts from retail, the industry, the media and keynote speaker Marta Kwiatkowski Schenk. The lack of a clear definition for clean beauty products and the need for a distinct differentiation from this segment as well as the entry of global players into the natural & organic cosmetics market were focal points of the discussion topics. Sebastian Wölke, Founder and Managing Director of NO PLANET B, stated: “A distinct profile is important for a brand – even if it triggers some displeasure.“

Dr. Ulrike Eberle provided insights into the current topic of natural raw materials and the exploding demand. The scientist and owner of corsus – corporate sustainability examined the imbalance between raw materials, usable areas and the growing demand and urged to act with foresight. Her advice: “act, instead of just reacting. And use the sustainability goals of the UN as guidance. There is no alternative!

Packaging expert Carolina. E. Schweig, owner C.E. Schweig Verpackung, called for more pioneer spirit and joint action of the natural & organic cosmetics industry. In her presentation on eco design, she motivated the audience to critically review and rethink current provisions, particularly in the sector of reusable packaging and recycling, as well as, where appropriate, corporate activities and projects in connection with ecological packaging concepts.

The keynote by Prof. Jan Teunen during the 12th edition of the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference was thought-provoking with his urging to not overlook the holistic aspect. In his inspiring, philosophical presentation about the essence of beauty, nature and humanity, the Cultural Capital Producer clearly stated that we need beauty – also to compensate for the many challenges of today´s world.

 “The Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference has provided new impetus on how to balance sustainability, innovations and traditional values against the changing consumer behavior to the benefit of both brands and retail“, explains Wolf Lüdge. “Significant was also the advocacy both from the retail side, as well as from the raw materials and the packaging sector, for collaborations, joint activities and alliances, as those will be key factors in the future to achieve the necessary leverage.“


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