Keynote Speakers 2018

Nicole Brandes

Nicole Brandes
International management coach, author, partner of the Zukunftsinstitut (Future Institute)

The increasing digitalization is creating a tension field between technology and humans – this will be the focus of Nicole Brandes in her keynote presentation "Leadership 4.0 – Heroes between Digitalization and Humanity“. Brandes shifts the focus on humanity as the determining future-oriented factor: “People, the future and situations always have potential. It´s not about digitalization anymore, but about what we are not digitalizing. The internal constitution is people´s most valuable asset for the future. It is my aim to increase this capital. We need managers that employ technology and serve the people. Not vice versa“, states Brandes.

Nicole Brandes began her career as a delegate of the Swiss Air executive committee, as Executive Director she globally established a VIP-Organization at UBS and successfully reorganized the marketing of a bank, receiving an award for her merits. She was in charge of corporate communications at a well-known investment firm and managed an international foundation founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden. In the wake of the air disaster in Halifax, she headed Swiss Air´s Care Team and touched many people. Today, she is an international speaker, presenting the topic of "management during the digital transformation“ to global companies and an advocate for a new management culture. As an expert at the renowned Zukunftsinstitut, the Future Institute, she is always keeping in pace with the newest developments of the corporate world.

Bert Martin Ohnemüller, Speaker, Author, High-Performance Business Coach

With his presentation “The Biology of Loyalty – Successful Brands are not selling products, but affiliation“, keynote-Speaker Bert Martin Ohnemüller offers an invitation to Conference attendees to change their vantage point for just a moment – because retail is and always has been the encounter of people and not the provision of goods. “More than ever, I am convinced that appreciative social interaction and economic success are not mutually exclusive, quite the contrary“, states Bert Martin Ohnemüller. The keynote speaker will show that the upcoming “decade of humanity“ will require new perceptions about teams, staff and economical success, but at the same time offers great opportunities for additional sales and revenues on a long-term basis, for constructive teamwork, for the promotion of customer and employee satisfaction as well as for more happiness and success in daily management.

Bert Martin Ohnemüller is a consultant, author and entrepreneur. The father of four children is one of the leading POS experts, having gained his expertise from three decades and more than 800 projects for brands, retail and service providers. More than ever, Bert Martin Ohnemüller is convinced that retail is primarily the encounter between people. Only with an understanding of people can long-term success be achieved. In his work, he combines the findings from brain research and evolutionary biology and their relevance to long-term commercial success.
He is the author of the books “Lead Speak Inspire“, “Mehr Erfolg am Point of Sale“, “Neues Denken. Neues Handeln“; the founder of POPAI DACH and former president of POPAI Europe. Bert Martin Ohnemüller is also a popular speaker both at home and abroad and works as a lecturer at national and international business schools.