Keynote Speakers 2019

Beauty Retail: Changing for the future

Customers are not shopping like they used to – preferences and purchase decisions have undergone major changes. What are tomorrow´s customers looking for, what does a future-oriented product presentation look like and how significant will virtual beauty be in the future?

In her keynote, Marta Kwiatkowski Schenk will focus on the future of beauty retailing: The Senior Researcher and Deputy Head Think Tank at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute will center on the question how beauty retailing will have to redefine itself in the coming years.

Marta Kwiatkowski Schenk, Senior Researcher & Advisor, GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute

Marta Kwiatkowski is a Senior Researcher & Advisor at the GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute and analyses social, economic, and technological trends. At the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and the Zurich University of the Arts she took Master’s degrees in Advanced Studies in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Curating.
She had various leading positions in Marketing at the Swiss Federal Railways SBB, and prior to that, in the software industry. Before joining the GDI she was Head of Group Marketing at the SBB. In these positions, she focused on customer-centred topics as needs, behaviour preferences, loyalty, trust and incentive models. She lead various customer orientation projects in marketing, distribution and communication.

The Desire for Beauty

In his keynote, Professor Jan Teunen will offer a philosophical viewpoint on a human desire that is as old as mankind itself: beauty. The desire for beauty and the question of how it influences leadership and education will be the focal point of Prof. Teunen´s keynote presentation.

 To achieve beauty not only for yourself, but to also implement it in the personal, economic and political life is a valuable stimulus for the evolvement of human potential and real prosperity. Prof. Teunen believes that „all life is driven by the desire to blossom and bear fruit“. To nourish that longing and to unleash it is, according to the Professor, the central task of advanced leadership and education. And, with a reference to Fyodor Dostoyevsky: „beauty will save the world“.



Prof. Jan Teunen, Cultural Capital Producer, Teunen Konzepte GmbH

Prof. Jan Teunen (*1950) is a Cultural Capital Producer. As managing director of Teunen Konzepte GmbH, he supports his clients in enhancing their cultural capital and economic power, provides guidance during the evolvement of a sustainable corporate culture and enables them to feel in harmony with themselves and the world. Prof. Teunen develops individual and creative concepts for efficient communication and supports the implementation in cooperation with premium partners. His client base includes companies such as Arbeiter Samariter Bund, dm-drogerie markt, Lufthansa AG, RhönSprudel, designfunktion Gesellschaft für moderne Einrichtung mbH and USM Haller.

Jan Teunen is member of the board of trustees of Burg Giebichenstein / Art Academy Halle where he holds a professorship for design marketing.
He is a fellow and mentor of the Akademie für Potenzialentfaltung (Academy for evolvement of potential) and honorary member of the GENISIS Institute for Social Innovation and Impact Strategies in Berlin.
Jan Teunen ist married with two children and has two grandchildren. Since 1977, he has been living and working in Schloss Johannisberg in the German Rheingau region.