Terms & Conditions

Conditions of participation for the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference

1. Organizer and Participants

Organizer of the Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference is the natur- kosmetik verlag lüdge GmbH & Co. KG, herein after named as “Organizer” or “Verlag”, Hauser Gasse 19 b, 35578 Wetzlar, Germany, represented by Managing Director Wolf Lüdge.

2. Registration/Eligibility

Eligible for participation are solely persons of unlimited legal capacity aged 18 or over, attending the Conference in their commercial, indepen- dent professional or professional capacity. Please send registrations by postal letter, telefax or e-mail to:

naturkosmetik verlag lüdge GmbH & Co. KG,
Hauser Gasse 19 b, 35578 Wetzlar
FAX: 0049 (0) 6441 67100-20
E-Mail: Kongress@naturkosmetik-verlag.de 

Your registration will be deemed as accepted if you do not receive contrary notice from the Verlag within 14 days upon receipt of your registration. You will receive an invoice which serves as a confirmation of registration.

3. Services


The participation fee incl. Conference documents, catering, beverages and evening event on the first Conference day is € 1.790,00 plus VAT per person. Early booking price: upon registration by July 15, 2020, the participation fee is € 1.590,00 plus VAT. Special Rate: Please ask for our special retail and group rates. Trendtour Berlin on the day prior to the Conference: 290.00 € incl. guide and transportation.
The participation fee is payable 14 days upon receipt of the invoice and is to be paid to the account provided by the Organizer.

b) Sponsoring / EXHIBIT:

The scope of the service of the booked Sponsoring-/Exhibition package is indicated in the separate booking confirmation. Furthermore, identical conditions as stated in item 3 are applicable.

c) purchase order of conference documentation

The price of the documentation is 290 € plus VAT and includes the complete Conference documentation, incl. shipping & handling (incl. international shipping), as well as the final Conference Report. The Conference documentation may not be ordered for review, any order shall be deemed an obligation to purchase. Shipping of the documents will be handled, as a general rule, two weeks after the Conference. Shipping will take place following receipt of payment.

4. Cancellation / Cancellation fee

A cancellation can be made one month prior to the Conference free-of-charge. Thereafter, 50 % of the Conference fees will be charged. If a substitute participant is designated in written form, this fee will be waived and no charges applied. However, the Organizer will need to be notified immediately (upon first knowledge by the participant or within reason) of substitutes in written form. The complete Conference fee will be charged for cancellations made less than a week prior to the Conference. Non-attendance at the Conference will not revoke the obligation to pay the complete Conference fee. This non-with-standing, the participant shall be entitled to provide proof that only minimal damages, less than those stated in item (4.A), have been incurred for the Organizer. The cancellation statement must be in writing and therefore must be declared in written form, via fax or e-mail, to:

naturkosmetik verlag lüdge GmbH & Co. KG,
Hauser Gasse 19 b, 35578 Wetzlar

E-Mail: Kongress@naturkosmetik-verlag.de 

5. Non-performance of the conference/Program modifications

The Verlag is entitled to, on account of force majeure or for good cause (e.g. due to illness of several speakers, official restrictions for large events due to the Corona pandemic or less than 80 participants), to cancel the conference up to 3 days prior to the beginning of the conference with full reimbursement of all conference fees paid up to that point. In this case, the participants will be notified as soon as possible. There shall be no claim to compensation for travel and/ or overnight accommodation costs or for loss of working time. The Organizer explicitly retains the right for program modifications due to reasons of force majeure, as long as the overall nature of the event is maintained. Substitute speakers, changes of the procedure of the event (e.g. elimination of simultaneous translation, different meals or changes/elimination of the evening event), or a reasonable change of venue of the conference do not entitle to a price reduction or withdrawal from the contract.

6. Copyright

The copyright to the spoken word and the articles/presentations in the Conference documentation is retained by the authors/speakers and discussion participants. The copyright to the complete documentation is retained by the Verlag. Duplication, copying, distribution or other uses (directly or indirectly) of the Conference documents as well as photogra- phing, sound- or audio-visual recordings during the event require the prior written permission of the Organizer.

7. Filming, Videotaping & Photography

During the Natural Cosmetics Conference, filming, videotaping and photos will be taken. These images/footage include the visual representation of attending persons, though the selection of persons is random. The col- lected footage/images will be published in, but not limited to, Natural Cosmetics Conference media, news and Conference publications, in other newspapers and magazines as well as on the internet. In case that the images/footage indicate the ethnic origin, religion or health of the person (e.g. skin color, headwear, eyeglasses), the consent is also given for these details.

Information on the internet is accessible worldwide and can be located with the help of search engines, can be linked with other data and could possibly be used to compile a personal profile of the participant. Information, including images, posted on the internet, can easily be compiled and disseminated. Specialized archiving services are in operation, permanently documenting the content of particular websites on specific dates. Information posted on the internet may therefore be located and viewed on other sites even after it has been deleted from the website of origin.

Upon registration for the Natural Cosmetics Conference, the participant consents to being photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded and agrees to the publication of the images without compensation in the aforementioned manner without any further expressed written permission. If the person concerned does not agree to the publication of the image representing this person in a specific case, we request to notify the photographer immediately. This consent is voluntary. The participant may refuse to consent without indicating any reasons for the refusal, without incurring disadvantages. The participant may at any given time withdraw the consent in writing (e.g. letter, e-mail). In this case, the image will be removed in reasonable time and will not be published in printed form again.

8. Data Protection

The Organizer will use data collected during the registration solely for the establishment, execution or termination of this contract within the framework of applicable law. In no case will the data be sold or otherwise transferred directly or indirectly to third parties.

9. General Provisions

In disputes arising from this contract and about its existence, the venue of legal jurisdiction shall be deemed, unless agreed otherwise in written form, Wetzlar, Germany.

Status: February 2020


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